Above Ground Inventory

Describes material we currently have above ground and ready to ship. As the supply changes frequently, please call to confirm material on hand. Our 12 acre hold yard is restocked each spring with ‘dug’ (B&B, balled & burlaped) material and is available for ship-out until approximately October 31st. This inventory is available to wholesale and retail customers.

Retail Price List

In-season retail list will be updated and added here when it becomes available-Typically in April.

Current Wholesale Availability List

This list contains nursery inventory available for the upcoming spring and fall digging seasons. Digging typically occurs between mid-March and May 31st.  Please visit the Wholesale page for current information.

Fall digging for evergreens typically starts in September while deciduous digging occurs later in the fall. Since inventory is constantly changing, the list is frequently updated. Feel free to call (406-752-2044 or-2055) if you’d like to discuss any item on the list. We may be able to offer a suitable substitute if the item of interest is sold out.

This inventory is available only to licensed landscape/tree care professionals and nurseries/ garden centers.

Click here to visit our Wholesaler Page. You must have a password to access this page. Please contact Brian (406-752-2055) to obtain your password.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees shed their leaves once per year – typically in the fall – with the on-set of colder temperatures and shorter days. Many deciduous varieties display spectacular colors prior to leaf drop; yellow, red, orange, burgundy or shades in-between.  All of our deciduous trees are balled and burlaped (B & B). Refer to availability list for details.

We grow deciduous varieties hardy to zone 2 – zone 4.


Evergreens retain their needles (foliage) throughout the year, giving your landscape year-around interest, color and texture. Beautiful and versatile, they can be dramatic additions to the landscape, or used as hedges, privacy screens, backdrops for smaller flowering plants or as a windbreak. All of our evergreens are balled and burlaped (B & B).  Refer to availability list for details.


A limited number of B & B deciduous shrubs are available. Both ornamental and hardy Montana native plants are on-hand.  Check either inventory list for availability.