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Four Seasons Nursery is a grower of cold hardy B&B deciduous and conifer trees and containerized shrubs suitable for demanding climates, zones 2-4, in the western US – including Alaska and Canada.

Our rich soil helps produce full and robust foliage with a dense, fibrous root system and an overall superior product.


Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm

Saturday – 9am to 4pm

An aerial view of our nursery and many varieties of trees.
An aerial view of our nursery and many varieties of trees.

Founded in 1999, Four Seasons Nursery is proud to be a family owned business. Since 1983, we have been involved in the landscape and nursery industry.

Four Seasons Nursery is located seven miles east of Kalispell, Montana. We are situated on 155 acres of rich, Creston silt loam soil. This fertile soil supports excellent root development and helps to create a superior root-ball.

We grow cold hardy trees – zone 2 through zone 4 – suitable for the inland mountain region, the Dakotas and the prairie provinces of Canada.

Nestled between Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, at 3,000’ elevation, our trees are exposed to wide, seasonal temperature variations. This diverse climate produces a cold hardy tree or shrub that adapts easily to challenging environments – from the prairie to the high mountains.

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Our 2017 Wholesale Above Ground Inventory is updated and published!

See our Wholesale Inventory page for current info!

See our Inventory online

We have our Inventory available online. See our recent PDF list of our currently available above ground inventory and also our full list of varieties we grow.

Evergreen Inventory

Deciduous Inventory

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